The Open Range  
A Gallery of Fine Western, Southwestern and Wildlife Art in
Alpine, Texas

Texas' Premiere Western Art Gallery
West of the Pecos


Laura Baize

Wayne Baize, CA

Travis Dehart

Lindy Cook Severns


T Shirly Botham

Bill Broyles
Bill Chappell
Mike Capron

Hugh Campbell III

Randy Glover

Danny Jones

Sharon McConnell

P. J. Flanders

Mike Huckaby

Buddy Knight

Johnny Wyerts

and others too talented to mention

© Hugh Campbell III

We're on the road to Marathon, directly across from McCoy's


from the 
Open Range

Fine Art in the Tradition and Culture of Texas and the American Southwest

THE OPEN RANGE, Fine Western, Southwestern and Wildlife Art

2707 E Hwy 90       Alpine, Texas 79830
(432) 386-8748

Owner Travis Dehart, raised in the Texas Panhandle, worked ranches in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado from an early age. Always, the cowboy artist wrangled with pencils and charcoal to create images of the American southwest, artwork now valued by collectors across the country.

Travis Dehart, owner of The Open Range Fine Art in Alpine TX is an artist himself.

 In 2011, Travis Dehart fulfilled his dream of creating a low-key, high-quality gallery of traditional western, southwestern and wildlife art in Alpine, Texas, "the last frontier".

Original Fine Art and signed reproductions at The Open Range portray the contemporary and historic culture and traditions of the Big Bend, West Texas and the American Southwest. 

The Open Range is an informal, hospitable space where artists and collectors mingle to share appreciation for wide open spaces and for the horses, cattle and wildlife roaming beneath big, unpolluted skies.

The Open Range Fine Western and Southwestern Art Alpine TX

Wander into The Open Range on your way through Alpine, Texas and share a cup of coffee with gallery owner Travis Dehart. 

You might encounter one of the accomplished artists the gallery represents. Or garner an invitation to visit an artist's studio.

Custom order a signed giclee or enhanced print...Discuss a commission...Make a friend.

To learn something about Texas, its land and history and the people who made it happen, allow time to listen to the stories behind the paintings, to stand beneath the buffalo skull and thumb through pages on ranching the last frontier.

ROYALTY  bronze  © Sharon McConnell 

The Open Range in Alpine is a fine art destination, a friendly place to purchase a treasure, an original piece of fine art that will bring joy to you and to yours for generations to come.

Stop in, introduce yourself and say "hello".  That's the way we do things out here in Big Bend country.

     G Harvey 313 of 950 at The Open Range
       © G Harvey 

Need it shipped? Is Delivery a possibility?

At The Open Range, everything is possible. Talk to Travis!

THE VERY EDGE OF TEXAS a 24x30 Lindy Severns Big Bend pastel landscape at The Open Range
    click to enlarge   ©Lindy Severns 2012   pastel original  SOLD

THE LEGEND GOES ON by Cowboy Artist of America Wayne Baize at The Open Range
    click to enlarge ©Wayne Baize  2012 oil available as a giclee

BRONC RIDER charcoal by Travis Dehart at The Open Range Alpine TX
    click to enlarge  ©Travis Dehart  2012 available as a print 

THE OPEN RANGE is a place to enjoy true fine art with West Texas hospitality
THE OPEN RANGE in ALPINE is a small gallery filled with the region's finest representational art in the spirit of the American West.

Trust and respect flow like clear spring water between the gallery, our artists and our collectors.

Don't be afraid to ask for special attention.

Owning Fine Art that speaks to your soul is one of life's most rewarding experiences.  We're here to help make that happen for YOU.

MUY ORGULLOSA watercolor by Danny Jones of Mansfield TX a print at The Open Range Alpine TX
click to enlarge   "Muy Orgullosa" watercolor
 © Danny Jones     available as a signed print

THE OPEN RANGE offers a large selection of:
  •  Original Art
  •  Fine Art Reproductions & Giclees
  •  Landscape Art Remarques
  •  Southwestern Art Greeting Cards
  •  Miniature Paintings
  •  Photographs of the Big Bend
  •  Fine Pottery
  •  Artful Gifts 
  •  Old Things from the West


       © Laura Baize  Fort Davis, Texas
We don't offer framing on site. We can assist you with framing options, though.

click to enlarge
OLD TUCK  © Travis Dehart 2011
OLD TUCK graphite cowboy portrait by Travis Dehart available as a print at THE OPEN RANGE an Alpine TX fine art gallery



Fine Western, Southwestern and Wildlife Art

Our Regular Business Hours Vary
(sometimes as much as our West Texas weather)
Feel free to call or email Travis to discuss your fine art interests
and to set up a time most convenient to your schedule.

  432.386.8748               email

 2707 E Hwy 90 Alpine, Texas 79830                        PO Box 1491 Alpine, Texas 79831

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